Drillform Seeks Field Test Partners for New Rod Rotator Product

Drillform is distributing a new rod rotator designed for companies motivated to improve safety, save time, and reduce long term rod rotator costs. This new, patent-pending rod rotator enhances the safety and ease of tapping a well or taking a well off tap. The product has performed flawlessly for nearly a year in two current trial locations. Drillform is now looking to work with a select number of additional companies driven by safety and savings in key areas for a broader field performance trial to aid in marketing efforts.

Competitive advantages relative to current rod rotators include:

  • SAFETY – Elimination of the need to remove rod clamps when a well is being tapped or taken off tap
  • TIME SAVINGS – Approximately 50% decrease in time required to tap a well
  • REDUCED LONG TERM COSTS – Superior product longevity due to maintenance-free, completely weather sealed design and more robust bearing arrangement; made in Canada

Field test eligibility requirements include:

  • Eligibility interview to determine suitability as a field test partner
  • Permission for Drillform to assist in initial installation and orientation at field test location
  • Willingness / ability to collect pre-determined survey data during well taps by the operator onsite

The rod rotator will be installed at approved field trial site locations at no cost for a period of two months, with the exception of a small initial damage deposit. At the conclusion of the field trial, if the product performance meets or exceeds the partner’s expectations, the deposit amount will be applied to the purchase price and it will convert to a sale. If the field trial partner is unsatisfied, for whatever reason, and the unit is in good condition, the damage deposit will be refunded when the unit is returned to Drillform.

Only a limited number of field trials are available in each region. Please contact us to discuss becoming a potential field trial partner for the rod rotator.

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