Bulldog C1200 Self-Propelled Catwalk

Tubular handling can be back-breaking work with crews moving thousands of feet of pipe up the rig floor but advances in technology have shifted these tasks to be safety performed by pipe handlers. Drillform’s C1200 Self-Propelled Catwalk is designed to safely move tubulars between the pipe racks and the rig floor.

The C1200 is a push-up catwalk with a walking system to accommodate pad-drilling and floors of up to 18′. The C1200 includes pipe racks and two sets of kickers on each side, the catwalk is equipped with a hydraulic ramp that lifts pipe to the rig floor for operation.

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  • Designed for pad-drilling – self-propelled walking system with crab steering
  • Open belly design – fits over a standard wellhead.
  • Automated tubular handling between pipe racks and v-door
  • Self-erecting ramp for quick and easy rig up/down
  • Hydraulic pipe racks
  • Self-contained HPU


  • Wireless remote control
  • Operator’s cabin
  • Ramp with 3.5’ operator’s platform and collapsible handrails
  • Insulated under-deck high and low pressure lines