Drillform is proud to distribute a patent-pending pump-jack Rod Rotator on behalf of the OEM manufacturer.This rod rotator design was created based on thirty years of field operation experience and the belief that there is a safer, more efficient way to tap a well, while improving operability and reliability beyond traditional rod rotator designs.

Designed with the end user in mind, its integral adjustment feature provides the customer with a safer and more reliable working environment. By reducing the amount of time spent adjusting pump-jacks, production can be the main focus for your day-to-day operations.

With excellent results in the field over the past two years, the rod rotator has met and exceeded performance benchmarks.


  • Safety for the crew;
  • Reduced down-time and long term costs;
  • Superior life expectancy;
  • Possibility of instrumented tap-find;
  • A warm-gear rotating system and ACME threaded support spindle eliminates the need to remove/re-position polished rod clamps during the height-adjustment operation;
  • Superior product longevity due to a maintenance-free, completely weather sealed deisgn with high-alloy steel casting;
  • Robust bearing arrangement.


Watch the Rod Rotator Video