Drillform Partnering with Atlantica to Provide Next Generation Offshore Ironroughneck

Recognizing the demand for improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and lowered maintenance costs, Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd has partnered with Drillform Technical Services to replace their current make-up and break-out system.

Drillform’s innovative Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench (BD130) will be installed on Atlanticas’ Bass Drill Beta semi-submersible tender assist drill rig, currently drilling in deepwater offshore Brazil. “Drillform is looking forward to upgrading Atlantica’s make-up and break-out capabilities,” said Drillform President Todd McCorriston, “our BD130 will integrate seamlessly into the Beta’s existing rig automation system, offering improved performance, reduced downtime, and radically simplified maintenance”.

BD Series Automated Floor Wrenches feature revolutionary 360° radial contact with the drill pipe, preventing slippage, tool joint wear, and pipe distortion. The automated make-up and break-out cycle ensures accurate torque on each connection and reduces the risk of drill string failure. The result is lower operational costs, higher uptime, and simplified maintenance.

For more information on the Bulldog Series of Automated Floor Wrenches and other Bulldog products, contact Drillform at info@drillform.com or visit www.drillform.com to learn more.

About Drillform

Drillform is a specialty equipment designer and manufacturer delivering leading-edge automated drilling equipment. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Drillform has additional shop and service facilities in Odessa, Texas and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Drillform has brought to market the innovative Bulldog product line consisting of a series of Automated Floor Wrenches, several unique service and drilling rig catwalks, pipe cleaning systems, power slips, drawworks, and top drives. Drillform offers exceptional repair, recertification, refurbishment and field services. Our production and service management teams possess extensive experience and a commitment to exceeding client needs and product performance expectations.