Drillform Debuts Bulldog 90 Automated Floor Wrench Product Video

Also Announces Relocation of Its Calgary Facility 

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Drillform Technical Services Ltd. announces commercial availability of its Bulldog 90 Automated Floor Wrench, an iron roughneck that provides superb performance, automation, and operational efficiency for drilling rigs.

“Drillform is dedicated to bringing technically advanced & practical equipment design to the oil & gas industry, and our Bulldog 90 Automated Floor Wrench is a premier example of this commitment,” said Drillform President Todd McCorriston. “It offers the most accurate and consistent torque, reduces downtime, and dramatically improves safety by removing personnel from the rotating zone.”

The Bulldog 90 features a spinner permitting up to 12” of vertical travel to accommodate a wide range of drill pipe connections and is designed to approach the pipe from four angles. The dual cylinder tongs include sixteen dies to provide consistently accurate torque on every connection. Its full radial contact reduces slippage, tool joint wear and pipe distortion, which has become increasingly important with the prevalence of high spec drill pipe and longer laterals.

In terms of safety, the Bulldog 90 offers a hands-free wireless operating system that eliminates significant risk to rig floor personnel, as they are removed from the rotating zone, and locking pins prevent access to the rotating zone and spinning pipe. It is also equipped with a leading edge PLC system to accommodate integration into rig automation systems. Designed with reliability and serviceability in mind, remote diagnostics allow for predictive maintenance to reduce downtime. Drillform has debuted a new video that highlights the benefits of the Bulldog 90 Automated Floor Wrench. View the video here.

Drillform also announces its recent facility relocation to Calgary’s SE industrial area, with a larger shop and yard facility to accommodate growth and demand for oilfield assembly and service. The address is 7920 56 St. SE Calgary, AB T2C 4S9.

For more information on the Bulldog 90 Automated Floor Wrench and other Bulldog products, contact Drillform via email at info@drillform.com or phone at (403) 263-3133.


Drillform Technical Services Ltd. is an ISO 9000 designer and manufacturer of specialty drilling equipment, established in 2010 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Drillform’s strengths include its leadership, track record and experience in manufacturing and commercializing drilling equipment, with a product suite that currently includes floor wrenches, top drives, hydraulic pipe handling equipment and service rig catwalks. Drillform is a proud member of the CAODC, IADC, and AESC.

Drillform Announces Former Baker Hughes Executive as Latest Addition to its Board of Directors

Drillform Technical Services Ltd. (“Drillform”) is pleased to announce that Tom Whalen was appointed to Drillform’s Board of Directors effective Sept 1, 2017.

Tom was President & Managing Director of Baker Hughes Canada from December 2013 to May 2016. Previously, he was Vice President of Baker’s Canadian Pressure Pumping product line.

Tom started his career in the petroleum industry in oil well servicing, managing a rig fleet that provided a wide range of downhole services related to well completion, stimulation and work overs. He joined Baker Hughes in 1990 as an account manager for the oilfield chemicals division. During his tenure with Baker Hughes, he held positions including, field manager, district manager, business unit manager, country manager, Vice President of Marketing for Canada and Enterprise Vice President of Water Management.

“I’m very excited to join a team that is so focused on leading change and innovation around the rig floor. I especially share their vision of a safer work environment by removing people from the “line of fire” through the use of their enhanced automation technology.” shared Tom.

Tom is currently a board member for Little Rock Resources, a privately held oil and gas company based in Calgary, Alberta. He is active in several petroleum industry professional organizations, most recently as a Director of Petroleum Services Association of Canada.

“Tom’s extensive business and industry experience will be incredibly valuable as Drillform begins to scale operations and expand into the US, in response to the market for automated drilling and pipe handling solutions” stated Todd McCorriston,President & CEO.

Drillform is a Calgary, Alberta based, private company specializing in the design, manufacture and service of automated oil and gas drilling and service rig equipment. Drillform has developed an automated floor wrench, hydraulic top drive, and five models of pipehandlers suited for workover rigs. Drillform’s products are designed to meet the demands of operators and service providers for precise drill string make-up specifications, data acquisition and to improve safety and efficiency while managing the increased volume and complexity of pipe handling, as the drilling industry trends to longer laterals and high spec bottom hole assemblies.