Drillform Partnering with Atlantica to Provide Next Generation Offshore Ironroughneck

Recognizing the demand for improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and lowered maintenance costs, Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd has partnered with Drillform Technical Services to replace their current make-up and break-out system.

Drillform’s innovative Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench (BD130) will be installed on Atlanticas’ Bass Drill Beta semi-submersible tender assist drill rig, currently drilling in deepwater offshore Brazil. “Drillform is looking forward to upgrading Atlantica’s make-up and break-out capabilities,” said Drillform President Todd McCorriston, “our BD130 will integrate seamlessly into the Beta’s existing rig automation system, offering improved performance, reduced downtime, and radically simplified maintenance”.

BD Series Automated Floor Wrenches feature revolutionary 360° radial contact with the drill pipe, preventing slippage, tool joint wear, and pipe distortion. The automated make-up and break-out cycle ensures accurate torque on each connection and reduces the risk of drill string failure. The result is lower operational costs, higher uptime, and simplified maintenance.

For more information on the Bulldog Series of Automated Floor Wrenches and other Bulldog products, contact Drillform at info@drillform.com or visit www.drillform.com to learn more.

About Drillform

Drillform is a specialty equipment designer and manufacturer delivering leading-edge automated drilling equipment. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Drillform has additional shop and service facilities in Odessa, Texas and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Drillform has brought to market the innovative Bulldog product line consisting of a series of Automated Floor Wrenches, several unique service and drilling rig catwalks, pipe cleaning systems, power slips, drawworks, and top drives. Drillform offers exceptional repair, recertification, refurbishment and field services. Our production and service management teams possess extensive experience and a commitment to exceeding client needs and product performance expectations.


Drillform Innovations on Display at OTC2019


Drillform will be an exhibitor at the 2019 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas from May 6th to 9th, 2019. Celebrating its 50th year, OTC is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions in order to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources.

Visit Drillform in the outdoor exhibitor area at booth 11035. Drillform’s two newest automated drilling innovations will be onsite throughout the event. See the BD130 Automated Floor Wrench and DC440 Drilling Catwalk and learn how they can save significant time, costs and stress for your operations.

To keep track of Drillform’s OTC goings on visit us on LinkedIn.



Drillform to exhibit at PBIOS in Odessa, Texas


Drillform will be an exhibitor at the 2018 Permian Basin Internation Oil Show (PBIOS) from October 16th to 18th in Odessa, Texas. A three-day gathering of producers, service companies, investors and innovators, PBIOS is an international marketplace, where hundreds of booths and exhibitors fill the Ector County Coliseum. Whether an executive, an engineer, or field operator, the Permian Basin International Oil Show has something for everyone.

Stop by booth OS612 to learn more about Drillform and our latest product innovations in automated drilling equipment. With our new Odessa shop and service facility fully operational, come by to find out how we can help with re-certifications to get that idle equipment back up and running better than before!



Drillform Debuts New BD130 Automated Floor Wrench

Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench

Drillform announces commercial availability of its Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench, an iron roughneck providing operational efficiency, advanced automation, and enhanced performance.

“With a dedication to bringing technologically advanced & practical equipment design to the oil & gas industry, our Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench is a premier example of that commitment,” said Drillform President Todd McCorriston “It offers accurate and consistent torque, reduces downtime, and the machined and modular components contribute to ease and speed of maintenance.”

The Bulldog 130 features 360 degrees of radial contact with the drill pipe, reducing slippage, tool joint wear and pipe distortion, an aspect becoming increasingly important with the prevalence of higher spec drill pipe. With a spinner permitting up to 12″ of vertical travel, the BD130 has the ability to accommodate varying pipe sizes and longer tool joints while providing accurate torque on each connection.

A safety-centric design, the wireless hands-free operating system eliminates significant risk to rig floor personnel, as they are removed from the rotating zone. Designed with serviceability and reliability in mind, data is tracked and recorded on each and every connection allowing for remote diagnostics and preventative maintenance. Drillform is pleased to offer a variety of tong delivery systems to accommodate rig floor parameters.

For more information on the Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench and other Bulldog products, contact Drillform at info@drillform.com or visit us at www.drillform.com.



Drillform to Exhibit at 2018 IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference & Exhibition

Drillform will be an exhibitor at the 2018 IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference & Exhibition in Austin, Texas on September 11th and 12th, 2018. A leading edge forum exploring the state of the art in rig technology, downhole operations, and seamlessly integrating the two with minimal human intervention. The event will focus on advances and challenges in both land and offshore rig technology while exploring advances in drilling technology, delving into future technologies, drilling systems, automation, questions of reliability, cybersecurity and more.

To learn more about the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference, click here.

Drillform Expanding Operations to UAE

Drillform’s UAE facility is open for business!


Find Drillform at:

Plot No. 69NR29, ICAD III

Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Drillform is pleased to announce the opening of our new service location in Abu Dhabi. This facility offers 20,000 sq. ft. of service area where we will repair and recertify most brand of floor wrenches, catwalks, top drives and drawworks. Service will be provided throughout the MENA region.

Along with providing service and support to the region, Drillform’s best in class suite of automated drilling equipment will be available for deployment. With a product offering including floor wrenches, catwalks, top drives and drawworks, Drillform’s advanced Bulldog product line offers increased safety and efficiencies to the oil and gas industry.

For service, recertification, overhaul, equipment or field service inquiries contact andy.taplin@drillform.com

To see Drilform’s products in action and to learn more, visit https://www.drillform.com

New Drillform Shop and Service Facility in Odessa, Texas

Drillform has opened a new shop and service facility in the Permian Basin.

Drillform’s Odessa facility is located at the following address:

Drillform Drilling Equipment Inc.

12120 W County Road 100

Odessa, Texas, 79765

For service, recertification, overhaul, equipment or field service inquiries call: +1 (281) 948-9122


Drillform is pleased to announce the expansion of our operations into the Permian Basin to support this booming region in the United States. Boasting 7,500 sq. ft. of shop space including overhead crane capabilities, Drillform’s large outdoor yard allows for rig-up activities to occur.

We are proud to offer exceptional repair, recertification, assembly and field services provided by a team that possesses extensive experience and a commitment to exceeding client expectations.

Drilform offers a best in class suite of automated drilling equipment including iron roughnecks, unique catwalks/pipehandlers, drawworks, power slips, pipe cleaning systems and top drives.

To learn more about Drillform’s products and services visit https://www.drillform.com

Immediate Availability of ST710 Workover Rig Catwalk

Drillform announces immediate availability of the Bulldog ST710 Workover Rig Catwalk. Designed to accommodate a high volume of tubulars the ST710 reduces the risk of TRI’s due to drops and repetitive lifting while the no deck design reduces the risk of falls. Operating on rig air, the ST710 features a pintle hitch for easy towing, folding pipe racks for maximum flexibility and accommodates rig floor heights from 7′ to 12′ high.
To learn more about the available ST710 unit click here or contact info@drillform.com.

Drillform Debuts New Service Rig Catwalk Product and Unveils New Product Video

Drillform Technical Services Ltd. announces availability of the new Bulldog ST710 Service Rig Catwalk, the latest offering in Drillform’s award-winning, comprehensive Bulldog product line. The company also recently released a product video featuring its longer performing ST820 Service Rig Catwalk.

The Bulldog ST710 is a base model pneumatic service rig pipe handler, based on Drillform’s more robust ST820 model. The ST710 accommodates rig floor heights ranging from 7’ to 12’ to increase speed and efficiency of tubular handling, while improving safety for rig personnel. Sporting adjustable pipe racks that can accommodate up to 15,000 lbs. each, the ST710 is designed for easy transport, towability and setup. It is also available in a SKID version with deck heights beginning at 24”.

“While our ST820 model offers the most functionality and performs the most comprehensive pipe handling tasks, we have now introduced the ST710 as a lower priced alternative. It runs on rig air and fits a smaller range of rig floor heights, but it is also available in skid and towable versions. Most importantly, the ST710 improves service rig tubular handling efficiency and its’ enhanced safety features reduce LTI’s,” said Tracie Reed, Drillform’s VP of Business Development. “Drillform provides a family of service rig catwalk products, in skid and towable versions, to fit every customer’s needs and budget.”

In addition to unveiling the new ST710, Drillform recently produced a dynamic video that showcases the features and benefits of the ST820 Service Rig Catwalk. Recognizing that it can be a challenge to fully envision functionality and design through pictures and spec sheets alone, the video presents a simulation of the ST820’s automated functionality, increased safety features, and significant ROI. View the video here.

Drillform’s service rig catwalk family is a particularly excellent fit for rental companies who provide support and products for well service companies. Drillform is actively seeking field placement in a number of regions across North America and parties interested in learning more about our Strategic Partner Program can contact Drillform via email at info@drillform.com or phone at (403) 263-3133.

Drillform Honoured with New Technology Development Award

For Immediate Release / October 20, 2015 – Drillform Technical Services Ltd. was recognized at the Southwest and Midcontinent Oil & Gas Awards on Thursday, October 15, 2015 for the “New Technology Development of The Year Award – Products”.

The annual gala ceremony was held in Dallas, TX, where hundreds of oil and gas executives gathered together to celebrate Operational Excellence, innovations in technology, CSR, Health & Safety and Environmental Stewardship.

Drillform designs and manufactures automated drilling equipment to improve safety, productivity and reliability. The products are a collaborative effort between journeymen field service technicians and engineers with extensive onshore/offshore experience. Drillform provides products for both drilling and workover rigs.

New Technology Development Award (Products) recognizes companies who are striving to enable the market to become increasingly efficient through technological development. Drillform’s automated equipment offers several unique advantages and scored highest in the category, with such remarks from the judges as:

“The iron roughneck and the hydraulic pipe handler for service rigs that Drillform introduced are exceptional safety improvements that of themselves qualified Drillform for inclusion.”

“Impressive and comprehensive detail including a range of products and emerging technologies. Drillform seem to have the expertise and experience to aggressively tackle industry challenges with cost effective and reliable solutions that improve overall safe operations.”