Drillform’s Bulldog AW160 Automated Floor Wrench facilitates integration into existing rig automation systems. Design features allow for remote diagnostic capabilities, preventative maintenance, and the ability to track and record data on each connection. With a focus on creating a safer operating environment for those on the rig floor, the BD160 features restricted access to the rotating zone and a hands-free operating system.

To learn more about the AW160, contact info@drillform.com.

  • Personnel are removed from the rig floor
  • Accurate torque on each connection reduces potential drill string failure
  • Quick change dies via cartridge system
  • 360-degree contact reduces slippage, tool joint wear and pipe distortion
  • 12″ of vertical travel equates to compatibility with premium connections, requiring no additional tongs
  • Simple make-up and break-out cycles
  • Modular and machined components contribute to ease of use and speed of maintenance

AW160 in Action

  • Up to 160,000 ft-lbs. Peak Breakout Torque

  • Up to 130,000 ft-lbs. Peak Makeup Torque

  • Compact design accommodates tight floor spaces

  • Remote diagnostic capabilities

  • Up to 144″ Reach

  • Delivery systems to fit rig floor requirements

Features and Benefits
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360 Grip!