The Bulldog DC443 Drilling Catwalk has a 16,000 lb. lift capacity and can accommodate pipe diameters of up to 24″. It offers a minimum floor height of 25′ and a maximum of 47′.  Designed to Run Range 3 double casing reducing the on floor makeup time.

The DC443’s modular design makes, modifications, service work, or rigup/rig down simple and straightforward.

Featuring 10′ independent pipe racks, optional walking system, and remote drillfoor controls the DC443 has a cycle time of 30s/lift.

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See the DC441 in Action

Catwalk Walking System


Access to pipe handling pinch points and pipe movements is eliminated.

 Faster cycle times, higher lift capacity, and accommodation of larger pipe diameter.

Manual rear controls operate entirety of pipe handling sequence.

Radio controlled from the drill floor, integrated indexer, hydraulic pipe racks, kickers and skate.

Modular and machined components contribute to ease and speed of maintenance.

Center clearance for existing wellheads.