Drillform Debuts New BD130 Automated Floor Wrench

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Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench

Drillform announces commercial availability of its Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench, an iron roughneck providing operational efficiency, advanced automation, and enhanced performance.

“With a dedication to bringing technologically advanced & practical equipment design to the oil & gas industry, our Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench is a premier example of that commitment,” said Drillform President Todd McCorriston “It offers accurate and consistent torque, reduces downtime, and the machined and modular components contribute to ease and speed of maintenance.”

The Bulldog 130 features 360 degrees of radial contact with the drill pipe, reducing slippage, tool joint wear and pipe distortion, an aspect becoming increasingly important with the prevalence of higher spec drill pipe. With a spinner permitting up to 12″ of vertical travel, the BD130 has the ability to accommodate varying pipe sizes and longer tool joints while providing accurate torque on each connection.

A safety-centric design, the wireless hands-free operating system eliminates significant risk to rig floor personnel, as they are removed from the rotating zone. Designed with serviceability and reliability in mind, data is tracked and recorded on each and every connection allowing for remote diagnostics and preventative maintenance. Drillform is pleased to offer a variety of tong delivery systems to accommodate rig floor parameters.

For more information on the Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench and other Bulldog products, contact Drillform at info@drillform.com or visit us at www.drillform.com.