Advanced Solutions for Efficient Drilling

Experience the pinnacle of drilling technology with Drillform’s cutting-edge products. Our innovative solutions deliver unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and performance, empowering your drilling operations to reach new heights of productivity.

Meet the Bulldog Product Line

At Drillform, we work hard to push the boundaries and look for new ways to increase safety and efficiency on drilling rigs. The groundbreaking and durable Bulldog product line includes automated floor wrenches, catwalks (pipe handlers) and top drives, with additional products planned to round out the line.

Offering innovative next-generation drilling solutions and practical design principles that will seamlessly integrate with existing rig automation.


Harness the full potential of efficiency and optimize your drilling operations to achieve unparalleled productivity gains, significant cost savings, and streamlined performance.


Designed with safety as a primary objective, removing personnel from harm's way and reducing TRI's is a key aspect of all Drillform equipment.

All of the Bulldog floor wrenches remove personnel from the rotating zone and takes automation of the rig floor to the next level. Designed for seamless integration into existing rig systems, its industry leading automation systems provides remote diagnostics capabilities, tracks and records data on each connection and facilitates predictive maintenance.

Automated Floor Wrenches

The Bulldog BD-441 Drilling Catwalk boasts a 16,000 lb lift capacity and the ability to accommodate pipe diameters of up to 24”. With a competitive cycle time, the BD-441 features 10’ independent pipe racks. Manual rear controls provide the ability to operate the entire pipe handling sequence, while machined and modular components contribute to ease and speed of maintenance. Drillform is able to accommodate a range of rig floor heights, contact your Drillform area representative to discuss your needs.

BD800 Series Catwalks

Hands-Free Tubular Handling for Service Rigs

Drillform’s Bulldog SC800 features hydraulic kickers, indexers, skate and self-leveling capabilities while increasing safety in pipe handling. A hydraulically folding ramp accommodates rig floor height of up to 20’ with adjustable pipe racks for Range II and Range III tubulars.

The SC800 is rigged up in minutes and designed for transport via winch, crane or truck. The no deck design reduces the overall weight and increases personnel safety.

Automated Service Catwalks

Elevate your drilling game with our comprehensive range of equipment. From Top Drives to Power Slips, and beyond, we provide the tools that empower your drilling operations. Discover the precision, reliability, and innovation that make us the trusted choice for drilling professionals worldwide.

Bulldog Power Slips