Bulldog First Gen Wrench

The BD First Gen Automated Floor Wrench still in operation today.  This wrench, developed in 2014 proving the 360 deg technology is superior.  Drillform’s new AW120 wrench incorporates all of the first generation features and more, in the same small package of this first Gen!

All of the Bulldog floor wrenches remove personnel from the rotating zone and takes automation of the rig floor to the next level. Designed for seamless integration into existing rig systems, its industry leading automation systems provides remote diagnostics capabilities, tracks and records data on each connection and facilitates predictive maintenance.

For more information please refer to the AW120


Eliminating access to the rotating zone improves personnel safety on the rig floor.

360° radial contact with the drill pipe reduces slippage, tool joint wear and pipe distortion ultimately extending the life of the drill string.

Machined and modular components equal ease of maintenance and equipment reliability.

Accurate and consistent torque is recorded and monitored on each connection.

Designed for seamless integration into existing drilling and rig automation systems.


Drillform is able to offer a variety of tong delivery systems in order to accommodate specific rig floor parameters.